Challenge anyone.
Around the world.
Take part in dares and challenges all over the world, send dares to anyone and watch video proofs
For all the brave, funny and crazy:
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So, what can you do
People undertake dares for thousands of years
Eristica allows you to do that online right away.
Create Dares
Describe the Dare, put the stake in and send it to the opponent. You will receive a video proof in response.
Accept Challenges
Become a part of massive Challenges by uploading your video proof. The one with the most number of likes wins.
Watch Proofs
The most crazy actions in the world are done on a dare.
Watch video proofs in one simple news feed.
Nice, but...
...what is inside?
Publish Dares
In Eristica a dare becomes public and official
Make bets
Set up the stake to get it from the opponent
Upload proofs
You video will be the official proof of the dare
Create Challenges
Create massive online contests. Anyone can be a part of it
Follow friends
You will be notified when your friends undertake someone's dare.
Be supportive!
Special Prizes (Soon)
Win dares and challenges to get real prizes from our partners

Okay, but...
...what is it for?
Become a celebrity
Take part in Challenges, shoot your videos and gain followers and fans.
Collect your bets and Dares
A Dare in Eristica becomes official. Disagreements are impossible.
Have fun,
It's FREE!
See other people doing crazy stuff on a dare – it's hilarious!
Gotta stay on trend!
Join the biggest community of daredevils in the world!
Cool, but...
...what do people say?
A gorgeous idea with an astonishing product! It allows you to dare your friends online with a simple login via Facebook
Amazing! It's really cool that the app sees your friends and you're not alone out there. A spoonful of mindblowing content!
Eristica is a great way to challenge your friends or to LYFAO watching video proofs! If you're still not using it... You better get started☺️
The idea is great and the design
It really pulls you in and the responsiveness of the project team is really impressive.
Keep rocking, guys!
Get started, it's free!
For all the brave, funny and crazy

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