Eristica Game API
Increasing engagement in your game
For free
Nothing could motivate a player more than a challenge
...and a reward :)
More time spent
in the game
If you are challenged by your friend,
you will not rest until you beat
his score
Viral expansion
via friends
It is more interesting to tell friends
about your dare than
just share your score
Motivation for
boosts purchases
For the sake of winning the dare sometimes easier to buy boost.
Dignity is more expensive! ;)

Some examples:
"I dare you to beat this boss
faster than me!"
I nailed a track for 1:32!
I bet you cant!
"I bet 300 coins you can't
pass level only
with headshots"
I dare you can't
get my score!
We bet $10 it is

But that is not all!
Customize dares
Players will be much more engaged with an option to have Stakes of these dares which can be earned in a game. Besides from simple score gaining, players would be interested to take game actions dares. That's why we give you an absolute freedom to customize the description of a dare to be fully integrated into your game's atmosphere
Game currency bets
- I bet 10 golden coins that you can't beat me in a duel until 18 Dec 2015!

Game stuff bets
- I bet my Royal Sword that you can't accomplish the Dungeon mission in 4 hours!
Set deadlines
- I dare you to reach level 10 for 24 hours!

Special achievments
- I bet 5 coins that you can't become a lieutenant
this week!

What's next?
1. Quick dare
A player can automatically launch dares selection depending on his level and the complexity of a mission.
2. Massively challenges
You can create a challenge for all the players of the game (daily event for instance). You can invite sponsors for these challenges and share user performance and required metrics with them.
3. Bots
Create virtual bots, which can create dares for real players randomly or at a customisable point of the game.
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